Welcome to Rev2Race Mechanics School

If you're looking to learn new skills from professional mechanics then you're in the right place. Rev2Race are offering mechanics schools for individuals or groups, we will teach the fundamental basics and build your skill-set covering all aspects of motorcycle mechanical servicing, maintenance and set-up. The skills we teach will provide students with a safe, professional understanding of motorcycles, the principles behind bike set-up, understanding how they work and what you do to achieve specific settings and more importantly, why!

What we will do is ascertain your current skill-set and develop a training day based around this. We want to pass on the core safety aspects of mechanics and teach the correct way to work on motorcycles, how to maintain them, safety checks and correct rider configuration which can only be achieved by first learning the important foundations and theories.

Without going too much into detail, as there really is far too much to go into here, if you want to learn motorcycle mechanical skills and learn the right way to spanner a motorcycle then get yourslef on a course.

Where you go from there is up to you, we will provide certificates to everyone who completes our training courses and provide a valuable line of communication and support in the hope of helping enthusiasts to become safer and skilled at home or in the pits.

Far too often we come across damaged machines or riders bringing bikes that have been poorly set-up or just completely wrecked by inexperienced self professed mechanics or people who are just too stupid to realise they are playing with some-ones life. Learn the right way, from the right people and deliver a quality service every time.

Through Education

Become a valuable, competent and positive asset for anyone you undertake work for, albeit yourself, a friend or as part of a team within an employment role. There's no big secret to this, through learning you will achieve greatness, because there is just no substitute for experience.
Learn the basics
Learn your way around a motorcycle
Learn safety
Learn workshop practices
Learn the tools of the trade
Learn how to set-up a machine


Kevin Stephenson's career begun in his dads workshop in the 80's, his legacy began in 1990 at 15 years old standing on the grid with Allan Jefferies and his career has transported him into the very fabric of motorcycle racing.

The opportunity to work alongside one of the most renowned and revered motorcycle tuners, crew chief, mentor and motorcycle developer in the world is nothing to be taken lightly. His career has spanned generations alongside the biggest names in motorcycle racing. Kev has finally decided to open his doors to help educate enthusiasts in the hope of making an impact on safety and to develop a new generation of mechanics.
3 Decades
Pro Teams
100's Of Championships
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