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Rev2Race Racing Heritage An incredible history spanning 30 years.

His career began waaaaay back in 1990, yes that's right 1990 at merely 15 years old with none other than Allan Jefferies. Along the way Kev has racked up a mountain of titles and wins with the likes of Steve Plater, Tommy Hill, Jim Moodie, Karl Harris and Steve Hislop to name just a few.


1990 to 1994 Allan Jefferies Motorcycles

1990 David Jefferies BSS

1991 David Jefferies BSS

1992 David Jefferies BSB, Nick Jefferies TT

1993 David Jefferies BSB Nick Jefferies TT Win

1994 Castrol Honda BSB , NW200,TT, UGP Wins at TT and 4 races at Ulster Gp - Phillip McCallen, Steve Hislop, Joey Dunlop

1995 Medd Racing Honda  BSB Jim Moodie, Ron Haslam, Paul Brown

1995 Castrol Honda TT Phillip McCallen

1996 Cabb Racing Honda BSS

1996 Reve Kawasaki TT Jim Moodie

1996 Castrol Honda NW200 Phillip McCallen Wins

1997 Cabb Racing Honda BSS, Steve Plater

1998 Cabb Repsol Honda BSS, Karl Harris

1999 Cabb Suzuki Racing Jago Chapman

2000 Virgin Yamaha BSB, Steve Hislop, Paul Brown, Anthony Gobert

2001 Virgin Yamaha BSB James Haydon

2002 Virgin Yamaha BSB Steve Plater, Simon Crafar, Sean Emmett

2003 Virgin Yamaha BSB Steve Hislop, Gary Mason

2003 Yamaha UK TT Jason Griffiss

2004 Virgin Yamaha BSB Steve Plater, James Haydon, Tommy Hill

2004 Yamaha Uk TT

2005 Virgin Yamaha BSB, Tommy Hill, Sean Emmett

2006 Virgin Yamaha BSB Tommy Hill, Billy Mcconnell

2006 Virgin Yamaha WSB Tommy Hill, Silverstone Pole Position

2007 Virgin Yamaha BSB Tommy Hill

2007 Virgin Yamaha BSS Billy Mcconnelll, Tom Grant

2008 Rob Mac Racing Yamaha BSB Karl Harris

2009 Motorpoint Yamaha BSB Chris Walker

2010 Rev2Race Roads Team, Gary Johnson NW200, TT, UGP

2010 Rev2Race Manx GP Simon Fulton double winner

2011 Rev2Race NW200, TT

2012 Quattro Kawasaki BSB  Gary Mason, Karl Harris

2012 Quattro Kawasaki TT Dave Johnson

2013 Crew Chief for Karl Harris - PR Kawasaki BSB Team

2014 - 2015 Worked with various teams and riders from many race championships

2016 - Paul Bird Motorsport Be Wiser Ducati Team Technician for Shane "Shakey" Byrne BSB / Title WInners

2017 - Paul Bird Motorsport Be Wiser Ducati Team Technician for Shane "Shakey" Byrne BSB / Title Winners

2018 - Paul Bird Motorsport Be Wiser Ducati Team Technician for Shane "Shakey" Byrne British SuperBikes.

2019 - McAMS British Superbike campaign.

2020 -

2021 - McAMS British Superbike Championship winners with Tarran Mackenzie



2000 - 2009 Yamaha racing Chief Engineer, Engine Builder and Lead Development

2002,2003 built engines for Yamaha factory team for Suzuka

2005 designed and developed Yamaha (Pig) different firing order R1

2000 and 2001 fastest bike through speed trap at Brands WSB

2010 engines built for East Coast Racing - BSS CUP Champions

2010 engines built for East Coast Racing - TT Privateer Champions

1990 - 2021
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